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If You Can’t Get Out Of It, Get Into It

7 – 30 October 2016

  • Dan Bourke
  • Agatha Gothe-Snape
  • Llewellyn Millhouse
  • Jack Wansbrough

If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It is a collaborative group exhibition which playfully examines contemporary office design and culture. The exhibition transforms Moana Project Space into an interactive office environment, embedded with sculptural and digital artworks by Dan Bourke (WA), Agatha Gothe-Snape (NSW), Llewellyn Millhouse (Qld) and Jack Wansbrough (WA). Through these works, the exhibition explores how office workers express themselves in the syntax of these environments.

If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It looks into office environments furnished with vertical gardens, Edison light bulbs and exposed brick, open plan architecture with relaxation zones and shared working spaces, ergonomic furniture, and standing desks.

The exhibition If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It responds to the optimism of contemporary office trends with critical hesitation. In a context of job scarcity, any attempt to remove human traces has dubious connotations of precarity. Open-plan design promises transparency, but is undermined by potential surveillance. Where does work take place in increasingly overlapping spaces of work, home and leisure? If You Can’t Get Out of It, Get Into It addresses these conditions by creating a workplace without work to get on with.

Exhibition opening Friday 6pm Friday 7 October 2016